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Graphics # 3

Graphic-ism – by Genis Carreras If you enjoy seeing a complicated theory or idea boiled down to its essence, you’ll appreciate this new set of posters by London based designer Genis Carreras. In fact,… Continue reading

Graphics # 2

Iconic Haircut Design – by Patricia Povoa Minimal poster series about the most recognizable haircuts on the planet, designed from Patricia Povoa Portuguese Graphic Designer. SOURCE: patricia povoa

ADV # 1

New Lego Campaign – Guess who?   The Simpsons, Southpark, The Smurfs, Ninja Turtles, Donald Duck, Asterix and Obelix . Sources: adsoftheworld

Graphics # 1

Infographics by Francesco Franchi Infographics are not just a translation of what can be read to what can be seen. They help us understand, create and experience our reality. They reveal the hidden,… Continue reading