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Just an Illusion # 68

Insectes - By Laurent Seroussi   You might also like     Sources: laurent seroussi bemlegaus

Just an Illusion # 66

Through Thousands of Words - By  Stephanie Lempert Author says:“….a picture is worth a thousand words” . I photographed a location and recorded the conversations being spoken in that area during a certain amount of… Continue reading

Just an Illusion # 63

The Invisible Wall – By  Ana de Orbegoso You might also like     Sources: ana de orbegoso arpeggia

Just an Illusion # 62

Multiplying the Shadows - By Alexey Menschikov . . . . . . . . . . Sources: (Alexey Bednij) (mymodernmet)

Just an Illusion # 60

Hipster Historical Sculptures - Alexis Persani You might also like    Sources: Alexis Persani dejoost