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Just an Illusion # 32

Fish Kiss Sources: moillusions

Just an Illusion # 31

New Sense of everyday objects – by Chema Madoz    Sources: chema madoz blog.gessato

Just an Illusion # 301

It looks fast but stands still – by Ryan Johnson Ryan Johnson’s work seems to have inspired the Ups advertising . Sources: designboom metrobatavia

Hidden Faces # 13

Smily Belt Source:  masono

Just an Illusion # 29

Walking on a building – by Leandro Erlich  Sources: leandro erlich moillusions

Just an Illusion # 27

The Skull in the Shelf – by James Hopkins . . . . . . .   . Sources: james hopkins

Just an Illusion # 26

Cartoon Perspective Sculptures – by James Hopkins Sources: james hopkins designboom

Just an Illusion # 25

Wool Brush Strokes (Analogia #001) – by Serra & Mancuso “Analogia #001 is an alteration of space perception, an ethereal experience provoking the spectator to re-investigate the functionality of the objects surroundings them.… Continue reading

Just an Illusion # 23

Pantone Classic Album Covers  – by David Marsh “The purpose of this series is my own exploration and development along with the satisfaction I have when I complete an image I like to… Continue reading

Arts&Crafts # 24

Heavy Women – by Karen Cuolito . . . . . .  The California-based sculptor’s towering figure of a woman titled Ecstasy is made of 9 tons of salvaged steel. The sculpture depicts an emotive woman… Continue reading

Just an Illusion # 22

Lego mini Architectural Spaces  – by Valentino Fialdini “One of my specialties is architectural photography,” he tells us. “So for my artwork, I decided to create my own architecture. The use of Lego… Continue reading

Just an Illusion # 21

Nouvel perspective – by Jean Nouvel French architect Jean Nouvel partnered with Swedish flooring company, Bolon, to create a gravity defying installation at the 2012 Stockholm Furniture Fair this February. Nouvel’s installation at the… Continue reading

Just an Illusion # 20

Light and Shadows – by Rashad Alakbarov . . . . . . . . Artist Rashad Alakbarov from Azerbaijan uses suspended translucent objects and other found materials to create light and shadow paintings on walls. The real… Continue reading

Just an Illusion # 18

Facebook Cover Art The introduction of the Facebook Timeline has created a lot of controversy, but it also resulted in lots of creative timeline covers. Of course, our current Facebook profile became ugly… Continue reading

Arts&Crafts # 22

Big Bubble in the Venice Lagoon – by Simone Decker . . . . . . . . . Luxembourger artist Simone Decker created them in 1999, but I just happened upon them for the… Continue reading

Arts&Crafts # 22

Sketching Leaf Art – By Robert Alejandro . . . . . . . . . SOURCES: Robert Alejandro fuckyeahbookarts

Arts&Crafts # 21

Knife is Beautiful –  by Farhad Moshiri . . . . SOURCES: thisiscolossal

Arts&Crafts # 20

Are we human or are we pixel? SOURCES: feeldesain

Arts&Crafts # 19

Follow the Leader – by  Isaac Cordal . . SOURCES: IsaacCordal

Arts&Crafts # 18

Fly Life (dead flies) – by  Flychelangelo . . SOURCES: feeldesain

Just an Illusion # 5

Urban Anamorphism – Boa Mistura The BOA MISTURA project LUZ NAS VIELAS has been done in Vila Brasilândia, Sao Paulo, during the month of January 2012. It is part of the CROSSROADS series: Boa Mistura´s Participative Urban Art Projects… Continue reading

Just an Illusion # 4

Off the Wall Check out the new super fun video for the dance track “Off The Wall” by Yuksek. It’s made entirely out of mirrored effects and crafty, clever, paper models (and some fireworks!). Really captures… Continue reading